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ICT ServicesTechnical Services Provider

  • Networking, Switches and Routers
  • Wireless and Communications
  • IP Telecom
  • Data and Voice
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Center, MCD and MDC
  • GSM
  • Fiber Optic
  • Passive Work

ICT Technical Services

  • NAC as technical service provider within industry, offering a wide range of Business Critical services which include but are not limited to, Infrastructure of System such as; Routers, Switches, Wireless, Servers ,Computing, VOIP, Data Storage, Security , Cloud, Data Backup, restoration services, Workstation, Data Warehousing and Automation services in high performance with different equipment like Cisco, HP, IBM, DEL, Huawei, Ericson, APC, Siemens, Honeywell, BOSCH and our warranties and full technical support, to bring forth high end, cost effective for customers and project-specific environmental of clearance processes.

Managed ICT Services

NAC has the abilities and capabilities for providing power full managed services that matching high Standard of client’s services.

Considering the increased challenges issue; in the IT Infrastructure Management and rising IT Operational overheads in SME and Midmarket segment, NAC has developed the precise formula for Managed Services to cater to distinguished needs of its customers. The Managed Services encompass overall SLA Based, ITIL Complied, comprehensive and no comprehensive hardware maintenance and related services & support both on-site and offsite over following sphere of it:

  • Managed Enterprise (Servers, Storage, Backup Solutions, Virtualization, Email Server)
  • Managed Network & Telephony (Routing, Switching, Wireless, Campus Wireless, UC, CC)
  • Managed Security (Firewall, IDS, Compliance and related Services)
  • Managed End-User (Desktop, Printing, Laptop, Standard OS and Apps, Patch, Antivirus

  • NAC has its field engineers (L1, L2, and L3) providing thier capabilities as services

  • NAC will contribute to client’s efforts as field engineer’s service provider by Identify the client requirements and Operations support, then providing Network Technical Services Field for performed by engineers and maintenance for ICT infrastructure functions specifically.
  • Excellence in service delivery is a constant endeavor at NAC. Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers on time, with professionalism and efficiency. We STRIDE to build our achievements and we always aim towards total excellence by constantly improving our operations & support for all our esteemed clients.

Passive Work Services

Create and Develop IT Infrastructure for Passive Work Service is proposed based on the study of our clients requirements and during meeting/email communication, its encompasses to provide a technical proposal depends on client requirement including technical support services. Preparing sites building need of full LAN passive setup containing installation of distribution Switch, Access Switch, Access Point for wireless connection, Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, support, providing all the passive materials including the professional services, and maintenance services. Our services can be use by the system integrator to develop the Design documents and the implementation plan. Our technical services will detail the components and connectivity of the planned network nodes to provide the network infrastructure for the planned sites and technical requirements of our clients which shall enable the high quality, reliable solution. The passive work service is bounded by an agreement upon Products and Services with specific deliverables incorporated in clients requirement. The following are the brief scope of Create and Develop IT Infrastructure for Passive Work Service requirement based on the understanding of requirement and during meetings/ email communications. Based on our client requirement, below are the general technologies and main scope of work outlines, required as part of the our provided solution, and from this point onward a detailed description of this Turn-Key technical services are to supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the ICT systems as per client requirements:

  • Site survey to build a state of art LAN preparation documents.
  • Supplying all the network passive work requirement such as UTP and fiber cables, cable tray, cables’ organizers, all the other passive material requirement as per high quality standard.
  • Deployed network cabling and termination
  • Deployed cables and nodes labeling
  • Organize the network cabinets and do all the testing requirement.
  • Deployed the connectivity of LAN cables to the WAN router
  • Deployed the network nodes.
  • Testing the network nodes and provide the approved documents.
  • Documentation off all the passive work including network maps.
  • Deployed fiber network and do all the needed requirement such as civil work.
  • Deployed new data nodes, fix the existing CAT5 network nodes to CAT6 , patch panels, cabinets and all the passive work requirement.
  • Deployed the provided switches and all the passive requirement.
  • Deployment of Wireless access points and all the passive requirement.
  • Deployment of CCTVs and all the passive requirement.
  • WAN related components are out of the scope.
  • Procure, Design, supply, install, delivery, Integrate and handover of complete project as per the client requirements
  • All the proposed component solution will be integrated, aligned and implemented to achieve the client objectives and Business goals.
  • Handover with knowledge transfer

Fiber OpticServices

  • Survey
  • Designing
  • Terminating
  • Pulling
  • Splicing
  • Labeling and Addressing
  • Testing and Reporting

NAC is provide Full Fiber Optic Services,Cabling Installation and Configuration with Complete Connectivity as terminations points, patch panels, cabinets, racks, UPS, Power, Fiber channel (FOA), Cable pulling optical LAN- WAN (POL.), and Connectors with Different Network: ISP, OSP, FTTH, FTTX, FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC. FTTN, FTTC, FTTO and FTTE.